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Reasons To Build & Fish With A Custom Rod

Most people reading this article are probably using a factory made fishing rod, and you love to fish, right? I mean, you have probably been fishing for years and catching loads of fish. So it begs the question, why a custom rod? A fair question and this article dives into some reasons why you may want to build your own fishing rods.

Explaining Fishing Rod Action and Power

For those who are new to rod building or fishing, deciding on what rod to use for a specific fishing application can seem overwhelming. This article provides an overview that describes the difference between rod power vs. rod action so you can make a more informed choice.

Avoid These Top 5 Rod Building Mistakes

Rod building can be an enjoyable craft and hobby, and like anything else, the more you do it – the more you learn the little tricks to make the process of building your rod more efficient. This article highlights the top 5 common mistakes that eventually most rod builders will make, and how to correct them.

Applying Marbling Effects To Your Fishing Rod

Custom rod marbling is one of the hottest new techniques rod builders are using to create stunning works of functional art. The basic premise is to mix an ultra-concentrated marbling pigment with an epoxy finish – then swirl and drag the mixture in varying patterns on butt wraps and guide wraps. Check it out!

Repair Your Cork & EVA Fishing Rod Handles

As time goes by, our favorite fishing rods really take a beating, and often the grips become so worn and chipped that it starts to affect your fishing. Unless your grips suffer a complete failure, consider these tips for repairing your cork and EVA grips. This article highlights some common best practices for maintaining or repairing your EVA and cork fishing rod handles and grips.

Top 5 Reaming Tips For Fishing Rod Handles

While reaming a hole in a piece of cork may not be rocket science, there are a few tips that will keep you from having to buy replacement parts when things go wrong during this process. Here are the top five tips we tend to offer our viewers when they contact us.